Catapult Incubator – Demo Day

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A vibrant startup hub in the heart of Chicago, 1871 hosted the Demo Day of the Catapult Incubator. Demo Day is the culmination of the Catapult Program, and is the opportunity for ventures to pitch their ideas to a panel of 21 judges and various investment firms. Our Director of Marketing, Anwar Nathaniel Asanté, delivered a stellar pitch, garnering the interest of numerous investors.

The idea essentially spoke for itself as the venture won 4 out of the 5 awards given to ventures on Demo Day. Drones for Humanity won the Most Innovative, Most Impactful, and Most Investable awards, as well as Overall Favorite to top it off. New to the Catapult Program was the independently-sponsored Social Impact Award from the Shah Family, which was also awarded to Drones for Humanity.

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